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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


letz start write about the people around me . they are making my life knowingly or unknowingly.
Letz name him as "MR.K"

Mr K is not high spoken guy in my office which means if u are joining my team, u will consider him only as yet another guy.

From the time i joined this insane industry three years back i was told that whether working or not u should expose as though u are.

The popular means for that is to speak out in meetings always, mail to boss about ur lu interval too , ask the obvious questions ?, Present obvious technologies , Say always YES/GREAT ti whatever your Manager says , speak about company and team’s achievements blah blahs to new members etc etc

But MR.K is following exactly opposite to what ever stated as undefined rule for IT industry. he comes office start working .. working .. and working ( though he hesitates to stay late nights ) he gives his full concentration from 9 to 6. He speaks precisely and also mails precisely.

what is amazing about him is his knowledge

u approach him for any doubts/info u have in technology , general science , current affairs etc etc .. he never let u down . u will get answers / solutions better than what u can expect. he used to read a lot .. apply it and have amazing time management capabilities.
His responsive time is very quick for any issues/challenge u put to him. He is undoubtedly the champion of my team , still he is cool headed . no hype . easy to reach and he will never say the popular phrase " I am busy ". atleast i have not heard it from him sofar.

Now me w.r.t HIM.

I am not in my full form as of now. I just was enjoying my extended honeymoon period in this newly joined company. I think this eventually happens to all the folks after u work for 3 years and make a change to new company ( i will write about it in some other time ). MR. K initially expected much from me. but finally he understood that i was not decided for that. At times i was taking him by surprise by my responsiveness w.r.t specific issue or module. he understood that if at all anybody is going to challenge him technically , that would be me if in full form. so he wish me to be in this state of not taking challenges seriously mode as long as possible ...

But i know i will take his star status in the team and that day will come sooner than he expects!!!
till time HATS OFF MR.K


Monday, May 16, 2005

Task Done

It has been quite some time now . i think of writing some blah blahs. . ..

atlast i created this blog ..

So one task done ..

Now have to find time to write , write & write ..

Keep watching

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